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Winston Branch

Winston Branch painting - Blessed by Your Touch " Why then this need to write on the achievement of the artists which is sufficient to watch. One can eventually, in a simplified manner, recall the need for explanation, particularly in the case of an abstract painting such as that of Winston Branch.

To touch on the main issue, the history of painting shows that the figurative aspect of the painting is always an appearance. The famous analysis of the 'View of Delft' by Vermeer, in the 'Search of lost times' by Marcel Proust depicts it very much.

The profound intention of the painter is to create his own symbolic language. What for the majority of spectators is only descriptive, is in fact the presentation of an inner landscape of the artist. The visionary who tries to transmit his vision to all, who discovers his works and as he gives an opportunity to see, in the capacity of the creator, that which has never been seen before. How surprising that he cannot be understood.

We recall the difficult beginnings of Wassily Kandinsky and of Jackson Pollock. Even so for Picasso, a great media figure who was never abstract, was found incomprehensible before recognition!

And yet, who would dare deny that the art work of these artists has changed our vision of the world. "
Castries, November 1994